Question: How did the Wallaroos get their name?

Answer: (Louise Ferris, Wallaroo Cap #9 and former Wallaroos Captain recalls) I and several other players from Canberra played rugby league prior to the announcement of the first ever Women's Rugby Union National Championships in Newcastle organised by Joan Forno. I was asked by ex-Wallaby Paul Cornish to put together a team from Canberra to enter the tournament, which he later coached for 2 years. The team consisted mainly of girls who played Rugby League at the time, touch football, soccer and hockey. I believe it was in our 2nd year of playing that we were trying to think of a name for our Canberra side, when myself and ex-Wallaroo team mate Libby Andrew discussed the make-up of the team and that half were originally Rugby league players and the other half union players. This then made us think around Wallabies and Kangaroos and put the two together (or part of) where we finally came up with Wallaroos! The name stayed with us for only a year before it was stripped from us and used for the Australian Women's Team. We renamed ourselves the Canberra Kestrels.