Australian Women's Rugby History Summary

Whilst Newcastle is thankfully credited with the revival of women`s rugby in 1991 by Wal Fitzgerald for seven-a-side, which in retrospect must make Wal pretty much the founder of Women's rugby in Australia as we know it today, as many rugby teams followed soon after. History years has also shown that many Wallaroo players transferred from rugby league not long after into rugby competitions nationally from this inaugural 7s tournament. In fact going back to sporting history of the rugby experimental years, women's rugby was recorded in the years 1920 - 1930, it was certainly the case that women who played mainly rugby league as this early generation of women like men were happy to play any social sport which were all amateur anyway, including rugby.

The name Wallaroo came about from Lou Ferris and her Canberra
players returning on a bus in a relaxed state from the Women`s Nationals played in Newcastle. Wallaroos was in fact a foundation name for their Canberra team made up of both rugby league and rugby union players who felt a combined name of Wallaby and Kangaroo men's teams would be Wallaroos for their new Canberra women's team. The name was later poached by the ARU and the Canberra team was renamed the Canberra Kestrels.

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